These sturdy animals produce a soft, curly spongy fleece that can be up to 7 cm in length, providing a warm protective coat against the harsh weather conditions on the Upper Andean plateaus. They boast a magnificent wealth of colours, with 8 base colours that produce 22 distinctly vibrant tones that range from brilliant white to deep black, with superb shades of cream, chestnut and brown in-between.


fewer in number than the Huacaya, this breed is also smaller and more delicate in appearance, producing a long, fine curly fleece with a matchless shine that falls vertically and can grow up to 16 cm in length. Today most animals in this breed are white, although they can also be seen in a wide range of original tones. In ancient times they were taken great care of as their extremely fine yarn was used to make magnificent ornamental capes and clothing for royalty.