Today, Peruvian alpaca is winning over the exquisite taste of the world’s most demanding top designers; indeed, this yarn has become extremely popular for the creation of luxury outerwear, earning a place in fashion capitals such as Paris and Milan.
Despite sharing certain similarities with cashmere, alpaca is in fact more resistant and comes in over 20 natural, untreated colours.

The alpaca is a camelid that lives in the Peruvian Andes whose fine soft fleece has been highly valued since the days of the Inca Empire; the silky, long-lasting fibre is also highly resistant, elastic and non-flammable.

This species lives in the wild in vast reserves situated more than 4,000 metres above sea level and where the day and night-time temperatures can vary by up to 30ºC. They are bred by thousands of country families who continue to use the same shearing techniques as their Incan ancestors. Indeed, this activity is their principal source of income and contributes to conserving the region’s ecological balance.